KnowAbout Us

We opened our first Coffee Rush Location in 1992 in hopes of redefining the coffee-to-go experience. In a 10X10 foot kiosk, we worked day and night in order to serve those who appreciate authentic coffee served locally. We not only strive to serve the best coffee, but also value building relationships and connecting one another. We are grateful for you and your continued support.

Ron and Lisa Yost

LocallyOwned Since 1992

As each year brings new opportunities and growth, we take the time to be grateful for how far we have come. The very first Coffee Rush stood in a parking lot at 10X10 ft. While physically we were small, our hearts were big. We worked our drive-thru every day until we had enough resources to expand. Through the years we have grown more than we could have imagined but we never forget where we began. We put the same amount of effort into our coffee and service as we did back then. Each order is made with our customer in mind because they are the reason we are still here today.


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